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Get Your Basics Right About Custom Blinds

Selecting a well fitted blind for your home's windows can become quite tough if you do not have the basic knowledge about the same. Sellers who deal in Custom Blinds in and around Sugar Land might make your selection even more difficult by offering similar looking blinds in almost same pricing. Save yourself from buying cheap quality custom blinds and increase your awareness about these by simply knowing these facts-

  • Proper customization with good quality rails
    • Customized blinds are made by measuring the selected window and making the right cuts on to the rough blind. After that rails are fixed on the edges to give these a proper shape. If the rails are made from plastic, vinyl or a boxy lightweight steel, blinds will have a shorter life. Consider buying blinds that are customized properly and come along with sturdy aluminum or steel rails.
  • Inspect quality and placing of pull cords
    • Due to quality concerns, custom blinds in Sugar Land come with round and sturdy pull cords that are placed appropriately to give needed support. "If the pull cords are loosely woven and are simply braided or the fabricated ones, chances of its durability are less"- says 'Blinds by JoAnn'  a leading Fort Bend Blinds Company. It recommends that a 90 inch wide custom blind must have at least two pull cords.
  • Know the actual warranty
    • When it comes to Sugar Land custom blinds, the less warranty often indirectly means a shorter lifespan. If any Sugar Land blinds company is offering you around five years of warranty, chances are that their blinds will last for at least seven to eight years. Considering the company's blinds maintenance services and company's future for next few years is crucial to the warranty offered by the same.

In the end, you can consider all these facts while buying custom blinds either online or from the stores of a trustworthy custom blinds company in Houston, such as Blinds by JoAnn, that have a proven track record in high quality servicing that always brings a smile to its customers.

Posted by JoAnn on 7/15/2015 9:58:04 AM