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How To Choose Curtains In Sugar Land?

If you haven't really picked out curtains before, well there are a few things you need to consider before you go curtain crazy. Blinds by JoAnn is the blinds company in Sugar Land where you get every kind of curtain, drape and blind you could possibly think of. To help you make your decision a lot easier, here are some of the points to think over. At least, this way you won't get overwhelmed with the choice and will make an informed purchase decision.


Determine the purpose the curtains will play in your house. Why do you need curtains?

  • To block out the sunlight
  • To keep the room warm
  • For privacy
  • To dress up those windows
  • Enhance the look of the room without blocking the light
  • Tie the whole room together and make it look nice

This will tell you whether you need thick curtains, light transparent curtains, or sophisticated or cheerful curtains which will help you narrow down your search for a good set of drapes.

Match Designs and Color

Look at the interior of your home or the room that needs curtains. What kind of style would you say it has? Modern, conservative, contemporary or something else entirely? If your room has the groovy look, you can't have traditional curtains. Instead, you should opt for curtains that are cool and fun. If the walls have deep dark tones, light-colored curtains can help set them off and liven up the atmosphere. Furniture too can affect your choice of curtains. Plain simple curtains would go well with contemporary furniture.

Tap Into your Personality

Besides matching designs, your curtains need to match your personality and style. Think about it - would you prefer dramatic or simplicity, something convenient or showy. At the end of the day, it is your home that you're decorating (with curtains). So when you see them in your house, it shouldn't portray a different personality that isn't you.

For great ideas and inspiration on curtain designs, check out the Sugar Land custom curtains and drapes from Jo Ann's stunning and versatile collection. This Houston blinds company has fantastic creations that suit all window designs, room colors and furniture designs. Blinds by Jo Ann is the Fort Bend Blinds company you can count on for all your curtain needs.

Posted by JoAnn on 1/17/2016 11:16:15 AM